The Cyclical Nature Of The Conflict Of Ukraine

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The Cyclical Nature of the Conflict in Ukraine With increased globalization and various other factors of modern society, imperialistic behaviors exhibited by world powers have become incredibly uncommon. Most nations now stand independent, and establishing alliances and trade deals is far preferable to overtaking smaller, weaker nations. That being said, a rare and fairly prominent case of imperialism is taking place in the Russia/Ukraine dispute of the past year. Ukraine has struggled with corruption in their government, and a weakened economy since the fall of the USSR, and have only fairly recently made effective attempts to right themselves. They now hold the goal of westernization and becoming an EU state, but are being hindered by the separatist movement and the threat of violence from Russia that plagues their western front, as well as persistent issues with their government and economy. Many attempts at peace have been made, but none thus far have seen any relative success. Despite mediatory councils and the underlying threat of war, Ukraine and Russia now stand exactly where they did this time last year, further proving that this will not be an easy dispute to settle. Early last year, riots and protests broke out across Ukraine, calling for a complete government overhaul due to the rampant corruption and ineffectiveness of their politicians. To many citizens’ surprise, it was successful, and all corrupt politicians were either removed from office or arrested in
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