Changing the Genre of a Blog Article

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There is a belief that the way information is presented can affect the way it is going to be understood by the person. In this assignment, our task was to find a published piece of work and change its genre drastically. Then we had to analyze which genre is the best for presenting the information that we have. The topic that my partner and I chose was about the Ukrainian crisis. The primary genre is a blog post from The Washington Post and the secondary genre is a poem. It is not easy to say which genre works the best in this situation; however the primary genre is more effective because it is well organized, presents facts, and includes details.
The primary genre is the blog article from the online newspaper. The author of this article argues that there are many reasons why the crisis in Ukraine happened and that there are many sides to the story. However, he highlights two major views. One view is that Ukrainians got tired of the authoritative pro-Russian corrupt president and decided to fight for their freedom and democracy by supporting the idea of entering the European Union. The other view is that the whole problem in Ukraine is not the president himself, it is his origin. The president is from the East of Ukraine, which is a Russian speaking part of the country that does not want to be part of the European Union and is happy to be part of the pro-Russian trade union. However, many western bloggers and media present only one side of the story, ignoring a big population

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