The Dangers Of Factory Farming

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Do you know what you’re eating when you buy poultry from supermarkets? Do you know what you’re eating when you eat from McDonalds, Wendys, Arbys, and Taco Bell?
Factory farming affects all area such as humans, environment, diseases, and animals.
Animals in the factory farms are commonly infected with a number of pathogens capable of causing food related illness and death that are to consumers in the flesh itself. Animals who are raised for food are denied their most basic needs and suffer both physical and psychological disorders as results. Factory farming confine animals by the thousands in massive warehouses, treating them like production units. Millions are packed in cages and creates so tightly that they can’t walk, turn around, or …show more content…

The government claims if you force them to reduce how much they pollute, they’re not going to be able to operate. They’re essentially saying that they can only make money by polluting and by breaking the law. Factory farming has also became one of the most filthiest industries in america, producing an ocean of fecal matter early. Fishes were dying in really weird ways. The Algae Creates oxygen during the day through photosynthesis and expels the carbon dioxide at night. When all this happens there is literally no kind of oxygen in the water for them to breathe. Distant noxious, smelling air borne ammonia. A toxic gas released by decomposing animal waste can travel before hitting soul or water up to 300 miles. The Number of pounds of fecal matter that animals raised for food in the U.S. Produce per second is 87,000. The Amount of factory farm animal waste generated in the U.S. each year is 500 million tons. The Earth's Total land mass used for animal grazing is 26%. Manure can also contain traces of salt and heavy metals, which can end up in bodies of water and accumulate in the sediment,

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