The Dangers Of Fear In The Chrysalids By John Wyndham

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Reading a book about where hate is shown for those who are different makes you realize that we ourselves, do not live in a much different society. Waknuk is a place where if anything abnormal appears along the lines of their definition of normal, the consequences could lead to as serious as death. “The Chrysalids” written by John Wyndham is a clear warning for today’s society portraying the same problems and deficiencies. All in all, the people of Waknuk face constant prejudice, intolerance, and ignorance. There is a relentless lack of compassion and the novel invites its readers to understand how fear can shape the hearts and manipulate society.
The novel coincides with today’s society through its intolerance towards others which also comes along with prejudice and ignorance. Within the novel, the people of Waknuk do not accept the abnormalities defined from their views and faith. They do not tolerate the fact of others being different from them and are quick to eliminate them from society giving you the impression of The Holocaust. “'Why should they be afraid of us? We aren't hurting them,' she broke in. 'I'm not sure that I know why,' I told her. 'But they are. It's a feel-thing not a think-thing. And the more stupid they are, the more like everyone else they think everyone ought to be. And once they get afraid they become cruel and want to hurt people who are different —'” (Wyndham 144). In today’s society, you find different people considered inferior because of
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