The Dangers Of Vaccination

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In recent years, parents have become increasingly weary against vaccines and their rumored negative health effects. This is proving to be a national crisis, as it limits children from doing things like going to school and obtaining a variety of professions in the future. Before making any irrational decisions, parents must first strive to understand the threat of vaccinating verses not vaccinating, the risk that comes with each, and the limitations their children will face until they are vaccinated.
The threat that imposes with and without vaccines can be equally nerve wrecking; however, as we weigh out the differences between the two, it becomes clear where the utmost concern should be held. Children that are not vaccinated are at risk …show more content…

Vaccines protect not only the vaccinated individual but also those that are not protected.
Every medical treatment comes with some sort of risk, and this does not exclude preventative measures. However, the risk of avoiding the preventative medicines is far greater than taking an unlikely chance of adverse side effects. The most common patient complaint after receiving the flu shot is that they have intense shoulder pain. The pain typically subsides within a day, but in rare cases, individuals experience long term pain that gradually worsens. Too often, this is blamed on the medicine contained in the shot; however, the true fault is of the medical professional incorrectly administering the medicine, causing the joint to become inflamed. Regardless who is at fault, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program will provide financial compensation to many that present with a shoulder injury. They do not, however, give any compensation to the families that believe vaccines caused their child's autism, as there is a lack of understanding of autism and its origins (Wadaman). Polio is an easily preventable vaccine that once was responsible for thousands of deaths. If an individual decides not to receive the vaccination and catches the disease, they will likely suffer until they finally succumb to the symptoms. It is clear that the risk of vaccines is far less severe than those of the diseases the

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