The Dangers of Genetic Engineering Essay

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Genetically manipulating genes to create certain traits in a human embryo is impossible at this point. Perhaps it will never happen. It is not inevitable in the long run, as some scientists pragmatically point out. (Embgen). It is, however, something that dominates modern day discussion concerning genetics and therefore must be addressed with care and consideration.

There are many ways that gene manipulation could come about. Advances in spermatogenesis as well as the field of assisted reproductive technology, as seen in In Vitro Fertilization clinics, point toward methods that could house the systematic alteration of genetic information in reproductive cells. Transplantation of sperm stem cells, embryo
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Many people trust that DNA can be connected to the happiness and misery of the human population, and with a new gene we could define the meaning of human existence (Pragmatism).

Even without the meaning of life, parents still try to help their children have the best possible life, free of diseases and pain. This hope for a good life gives rise to the use of genetics as an eliminator of diseases that are a result of imperfect DNA. After this pragmatic use, however, is the expectation that genetic engineering will bring about a systematized choice about better or exceptional babies. With the ability to alter a gene pattern comes the prospect that children face today - that of following in their parent's footsteps. A child of an athlete finds himself prefigured as "child athlete". This model would be more strictly enforced if children could be artificially predisposed to a certain trait (Pragmatism).

Eliminating and enhancing traits, however, brings up the effect that parents have on their children without genetic engineering. The part that our environment plays in shaping the way we act and think is considered by some to be just as important, if not more so, than the effect of our biological makeup. The interplay between biological susceptibility and social values has a dramatic impact on
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