The Dangers of Overusing Computers

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Computers have been around for many years and have helped our society grow and communicate with each other from long distance. According to Claudia Miclaus from “The Harmful Influence of the Computer,” computers are commonly used everywhere such as in school, at home, businesses and so on (Miclaus 1). Though the computer is very helpful to our society, computers can actually cause mental and physical health problems as well as social disorders. Most people that use a computer often are in danger of risky serious mental and physical health. Computers can cause major mental health problems such as anxiety. Miclaus states that most people that often use computers often have anxiety, low energy, emotional instability, and lack of work efficiency (2). Emotional conflict can lead to affecting a person’s daily life and the people he or she interacts with. Most people that suffer from anxiety, depression, or loneliness often go to the computer to forget their problems they may be facing in their lives. Joanna Saisan, M.S.W., Melinda Smith, M.A., Lawrence Robinson, and Jeanne Segal Ph.D. from “Internet and Computer Addiction” quotes, “…too much time online can make things worse” (Saisan M.S.W. et al. 2). Most people that over use computers often have difficultly controlling their emotions. Computers can also lead to physical health problems such as strains on muscles and the risk of obesity. Tina Sieber from “5 Reasons Working With Computers Is Bad For You & How to Stay Healthy,”

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