The Dangers of Texting and Driving

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The parents of a popular 17-year-old who died on the first day of school are urging teen drivers to resist distracted driving after police confirmed Deianerah L. was texting when she crashed into the back of a school bus. Deianerah died shortly after the crash near Byron. It was the first and last day of her senior year. She crashed into the back of a bus. Ethan Hinton, 7, was exiting the bus at the time of the crash, and was knocked down by the impact, but the student was not seriously injured. "I got a terrible bruise, and she didn't make it," Hinton told FOX 9 News (Capacio and Beno). Evidence is growing in support of banning cell phones while driving. Obviously if you are texting, you are distracted and most likely driving recklessly. “Texting While¬ Driving is considered to be a form of reckless driving, which is defined as the unsafe or unlawful operation of a motor vehicle, which consists of the utilization of a cellular telephone whilst operating a motor vehicle” ( Getting behind the wheel is a serious matter, even if you are going somewhere two minutes away. When you are driving and start texting, you are taking your eyes of the road for an average of five seconds. Five seconds can be all that separates you from safe arrival versus death. Texting is not the only distracting activity taking place. A sign or a license plate could catch your attention. This is only one of the sub topics of distracted driving. Accidents is one of the key

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