The Dark Side Of The Dark Side Of Thomas Jefferson

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The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson Many people know of Thomas Jefferson as the author of the Declaration of Independence and Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, founder of the University of Virginia, and the third president of the United States of America. Jefferson is known for his great accomplishments throughout his political career and ranks with George Washington as one of the great men in American history. What they may not know are the secrets and the dark side of this man. Like any human, Jefferson was susceptible to wrong doings and peer pressure. Even if his own morals were humane, he often went along with other members in society and changed his morals to fit theirs. Jefferson put up a strong front before the American people but behind closed doors his private life did not show the greatness that the American people saw. First and foremost, Jefferson was a slaveholder all his life. He came from one of the most distinguished families in Virginia, where is father was a successful planter. After his father passed away, Jefferson inherited his father’s slaves along with his land (Thomas Jefferson's Monticello). As he continued to expand on his land ownings, he continued to buy more and more slaves. When he married he also inherited more slaves from his father-in-law (Thomas Jefferson's Monticello). He used slaves to work on his plantations and around his house, Monticello. Even though he disagreed with slavery, calling it a “moral depravity”, Jefferson kept

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