The Darkest Shadow

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Let us just start out with how I used to be one of the most feared demons in Ambrosine---though we'll get to the actual story behind that at a later point. Notice the key words 'used to be'. It used to be that no other demon even dared to challenge me to any sort of fight. They already knew what would happen; I'd slaughter them. Plus the fact that it was against the rules of Ambrosine to challenge another demon to a serious fight without the Demon Masters' permission, but I choose to ignore that bit. But before my fellow demons began to fear me, I was living a relatively normal demon's life—or as close to normal as you could get, for a demon. My mother had died when I was at a young age and my father raised me from then on. I never had a motherly figure so, naturally, I picked up male-centric hobbies. I fought other children younger, my age, and older, and in most cases I came out victorious. I was inevitably avoided and feared after so many brawls. I was then suddenly recruited to the Academy, where I was taught further in the category of fighting. I eventually made my way into the top students. I was feared even more after that. Then, one moronic demon chose to kill my father. Consequences according to the Demon Masters was that any demon who killed another demon would be put on a fair trial and most likely be exiled if found guilty. Macon was the name of the demon who had murdered my father. He was put on trial, found responsible, then was supposed to be exiled to a

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