The Darkness Of Humans - Original Writing

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They act in accordance with us everywhere we go; we cannot escape them unless we are hidden through armor vastly assembled to a bigger being of ourselves, that is when they stop dancing, and lay motionless. The darkness of humans is an extent, complex essence, they carry messages and titles over a person, who brings the brief description of a being or place. They trick people into believing what they visualize in a more excellent manner of a being. Ideals can be displayed as shadows. But a thought of something taking the shape of an ideal does not last long and begins to fade to unveil the truth beneath twilight. Some people who awaken from beneath the shadows live grand and honest lives. While others will live their lives to the fullest,…show more content…
Tennessee Williams has visually displayed that when a person has reminisced with desirous ideals, the results can turn extraordinary or pitiful, but when a person’s unrealistic ideals catch up with the voracious reality, their soul and mind synergizes rather than counteract.

The piece of our minds that wants a perfect world can be disordered at birth, and with a lack of ideals becoming complete, our minds alter the ideas into desires, which results in a double-edged sword of ideals with advantages and disadvantages affecting our daily lives. Blanche reveals progressively throughout the play about the strange actions she performs, and it all leads down to her living in a fantasy world, pulled down by her past. This was clearly resulting in her incapability to escape through the entrance gates of the world. Blanche is pushed back and forth between incoming opinions and views on her and the world that surround her. In her past she was not like this, the start of her madness and the insane illusion that surrounds her body begins when she perceives her boyfriend 's betrayal to her. Meeting the perfect man at a young age, believing she is in love with “the one,” Blanche falls for Allan. “It was like you suddenly turning a blinding light on something that had always been half in shadow, that’s how it struck the world to me.” But after figuring out his homosexuality, she feels betrayed and tells him what she saw him
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