The Day And Age Human Trafficking Essay

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In today’s day and age human trafficking is a serious problem that is only getting worse as we become more technologically advanced. It is easy to transport human beings across the border, on ships, and into foreign countries. Women, children, and even men are the victims of these individuals. These poor souls stolen for the sex trade or for physical labor as a slave in modern world. As our enemies become more sophisticated in their evil craft, so must our law enforcement and investigation agencies. In order to stay up to par with the enemy these organizations make sure they stay up to date with the most advanced programs, tools, and systems in order to not only catch those responsible for mayhem, but to give a sense of justice to those who were wronged in the first place. We begin with a history of what human trafficking is, some current cases that were followed by the world, and way we fight the enemy and counteract their form of terrorism. Table of Contents

• Title Page
• Brief Abstract
• Table of Contents
• Intro
• What is Human Trafficking?
• Large Cases Pertaining to Human Trafficking
• How Computer Forensics Aids In The Fight Against Human Trafficking Online Trafficking of Lost Humans

In today’s day and age everything is done online. From watching a movie, to ordering your groceries, to even dating someone. But what happens when society decides to sell and transport human beings like livestock. Take a walk with me as we explore what human trafficking is,

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