The Day of His Life Essay

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The Day of his Life

It is two-thirty in the morning, and Alex is still awake in his hotel room. The excitement of the events today are too thrilling and stressful to get sleep. Today Alex is playing in the Professional Disc Golf Associations Amateur World Championship in St. Paul, Minnesota. His friends and family know that Alex is an amazing player and a connoisseur when disc golf is mentioned. Alex gets into arguments a lot because he takes umbrage to anyone who tells him it takes no skill or that disc golf is not a sport. Now it is four in the morning, and it is time for him to get up and get ready for the biggest tournament of his life. Brushing his teeth (Gerund) is always the first thing he does every morning. Feeling nervous
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Alex takes some time to muster all of the discs he received to see (Infinitive) what he will use today. With 15 minutes left before the player meeting, Alex decided to quickly chow down on all the free food but first he must join the queue of people waiting to get the food. As he sits down in the seating provided, the tournament director welcomes everyone to this year’s tournament and then begins to harangue the crowd. Usually Alex never listens to the tournament director at all his other tournaments because he is normally talking with his coterie; but today was different because he was alone and he wanted to win. After the Director was done speaking, the ambiance was exciting and fun but nervousness was also in the air. Going to his hole, Alex remembered all the training he did to win this, he remembers all his work with his ballistics trainer and his irascible disc golf coach. As he gets to his hole Alex laconically says to his group, “Let’s do this!” It was Hole One and Alex was first. He quietly looked at the hole and instantly his nervousness went away; the world slowed and the harrowing monster (Participial) inside of him let loose as he threw the disc as propulsive as he could through the air. The disc flew through the air like it was nothing. it was beautiful; almost perfect as it flew past a myriad of trees and it firmly hit the chains and landed in the basket! The crowd of people watching
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