The Days Before Thanksgiving Day

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Three days before Thanksgiving Day I lost someone very special to me, due to a terrible sickness. She had Dementia, Diabetes, and two major strokes I was very close to that person. I would always go to her house once a month. When my family wasn 't busy I would spend every waking minute I could with her. She was like my best friend. She was a very godly woman, she would sometimes sing hymns and I would sing with her then we would laugh after words. Every time I go there I just loved seeing her smile at me. Maya Angelou once said that “ No matter what happens or how bad it seems today life does go on and it will be better tomorrow.” I woke up today thinking I would have a good day. But I got a phone call from my Mom saying that she will be home in a couple of minutes. She said that she had to talk to us when she got home. I was wondering what she was going to be telling us. So then when she got home all of us kids sat down on the couch. The couch was a smooth brown couch which I really loved the soft smooth feeling when I sat down and felt it. So then my Mom said " I got a call from Grandpa Ruby and Grammy is in the hospital," and I was just thinking was this some kind of sick joke. Are you serious? After that my Mom asked if any one wanted to go with her and my Dad up to Columbus to visit her or just stay at home so we all said that we wanted to go. So I started to get packed up and ready to go, I just tried my best not to think about it because it made me
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