The Death Of A Park

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He wasn’t really the man tearing down the daycare and the animal shelter – was he? It didn’t seem like something he would do. Or was it? Sam stopped running, but now he had no idea where he was. He clenched fistfuls of his hair with trembling hands, trying hard to catch his breath and make out any familiar landmarks. He felt as though he was spinning. His heart was still beating a thousand miles an hour. He saw trees and grass, benches and gardens. He must have run to another park. Where were other people? Why was he alone? Sam felt as though he was losing his balance and stumbled back a few steps. He was grateful when something cold and hard hit his back. He turned, leaning on the structure for support. It was a fountain, though the water inside was rather cloudy. Sam looked around the small park, hoping to see anyone who could help him find his way to a hospital or, better yet, to his wife and daughter. To his disappointment, he was completely alone. “Someone help me!” Sam shouted. His head was pounding along with his heart. “I need help!” No one answered. Sam sighed and looked down at his reflection in the water. “Who am I?” Out of the corner of his eye, Sam saw something move. He glanced down to see a shadow gliding through the lawn and towards the fountain. Sam frowned at it as it climbed up the fountain’s side and disappeared in the water. Suddenly, ripples interrupted the calm waters surface, making it hard to see his reflection. When the ripples disappeared, Sam
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