The Death Of Eddie Carbone

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What events/actions had led up to the death of Eddie Carbone? The play “A View from the Bridge” has many points of conflict and points of calm. The plot centers around one big buildup of tension between the main protagonists that inevitably ends in Eddie’s death. The reasoning and justification behind Eddie’s death can be argued from more than one different opinion, but there are certain key aspects to the plot that can be defined as the actions that led up to Eddie’s death. In this paragraph, it will be explained how the irony of Eddie’s situation had been proportional to his death. Chosen from Act 1 where Eddie is around the dinner table with Beatrice and Catherine, this quote excellently highlights the complete irony of Eddie’s situation: …show more content…

’’His eyes were like tunnels; my first thought was that he had committed a crime, but soon I saw it was only a passion that had moved into his body, like a stranger.’’ This quote is how Alfieri describes Eddie for the first time, Eddie is in Alfieri’s office because he is trying to find something that can be used against Rodolpho. In this quote, Alfieri compares Eddie/Eddie’s characteristics with the word ‘like’. Eddie has developed this distrust/jealousy towards Rodolpho because of Eddie’s inappropriate attraction to Catherine, this has caused him to act irrationally and impulsively on multiple occasions. Eddie had then taken it upon himself to do everything in his power to get people to agree with him on his opinion that Rodolpho is a ”weird”, it just further aggravates Eddie when people, especially Catherine, seem to be taking a liking to Rodolpho. This is possibly tied to the events that led up to Eddie’s death due to the fact that Eddie had taken these negative emotions for Rodolpho so far that he ended up reporting Marco and Rodolpho to the …show more content…

“He’s only after his papers” is what Eddie says too Catherine in Act 2 in the hopes of persuading her to stop feeling affection towards Rodolpho, this only angers B as she acts as the buffer between Eddie and Catherine in these miniscule skirmishes between them. And later on Eddie finally takes it a step too far and calls the immigration office to report Marco and Rodolpho. As the immigration arrives Eddie tries to ward of the officers by saying things like: “Where’s who?” and “We got nobody here.” This might be because he genuinely changed his mind or he just doesn’t want B to know that he reported Marco and Rodolpho. This all contributes to Marco’s hate and distrust towards Eddie. Marco then publically humiliates Eddie by spitting at his feet and says “you robbed my children!” Eddie keeps persisting that it wasn’t him who had reported them, although he knows that it is obvious that he did so. Later Eddie is informed that Marco is praying in church, which strongly implies that Marco is preparing to take justice into his own hands (murdering Eddie). It goes on until finally Marco provokes Eddie to where Eddie pulls a knife and Marco turning the blade around and killing Eddie with his own knife. “My B.” is part of Eddie’s set of last words, this shows that only at Eddie’s deathbed he realized

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