The Death Of King Robert

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His father, in the last months of his life, was battling a mysterious illness that only his closest confidants knew. Robert returned to court, once news spread of his father’s ailment. His father died shortly after his arrival. Believing his brother, Prince Gabriel would inherit the throne, he agreed to leave his father’s court and never return. Despite the contrary, his life completely changed, causing him to reconsider the titled his name now holds. King Robert was currently unaware of the stunning beauty; dress in silk and rose-color lace gown, which forms to her small frame, moving gracefully across the marble floor of the study. She wraps her petite arms around his trim waist, sliding her hand underneath his chin. His dark locks move smoothly across his purple and black coat that was tailor-made to fit his muscular frame. She turns his face to hers, giving him a tender kiss on his chisel cheek. “My love, the ache you feel will not last forever. There’ll be a day when you’ll be able to finally breathe, and the pain will subside into nothingness; releasing a light that’ll free you from the darkness that has consumed your heart.” She takes his hand into hers. “Someday, you’ll finally be able to live again. But until that day, you’ll always have me standing beside you.” The king expression lightens, chasing away the sadness in his eyes. “Robert. Your father would have never entrusted you with his legacy if he didn 't believe in you.” “I’m afraid I do not understand

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