The Death Of Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare

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Who is to Blame? Good Morning, members of the Jury. While it may be a popular belief that there has ‘never been a tale of more woe than that of Romeo and Juliet’, the facts are less subjective. Many say that love brings peace and affection, but when taken to the extreme, it can lead to tragedy and despair. This is shown evidently in the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. Arguably the most famous love story of all time, the play tells the tale of a boy and a girl from opposing families who meet and fall in love and after being married for 3 days, they choose to kill themselves, rather than live without each other. It is difficult to place the blame entirely on just one person for the death of Romeo and Juliet, because there were several aspects that played a part in their death and because their lives had been controlled, criticized, pressured and influenced by many people. However, the people who would be most influential in the death of the ‘star-cross’d lovers’ would without a doubt have to be the parents of Romeo and Juliet, Lord and Lady Capulet and Lord and Lady Montague. The first reason that the parents are to blame is because of the eternal feud between the Montagues and Capulets which prohibits the love of Romeo and Juliet and ultimately results in their unfortunate deaths. Secondly, Lord and Lady Capulet decided, pressurised and forcefully tried to get Juliet married to Paris, causing Juliet making rash decisions and eventually resulting in their
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