The Death Of Socrates By Plato

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Phaedo is an account of events before and after the death of Socrates as written by Plato in the form of dialogue. This dialogue is an expression of various arguments and beliefs on the theme of mortality. Phaedo was one of the men present to witness the death of Socrates, and before the execution, they had engaged in conversations with which Socrates expressed his ideas on death, the soul, and the belief in the existence of an afterlife. Plato’s philosophical idealism is expressed in Phaedo in some ways. For instance, one could apply the cyclical argument that any living being is eternal with the soul as the imperishable aspect. Plato expresses that the soul gives continuity as it moves on to the next part of life despite the fact that …show more content…

This situation is dependent on a good system of government, and this is the manner in which Aristotle transitions to Politics. Here, Aristotle expresses the need for the political leadership to work in liaison with the community to embrace virtuous living.

The religious life in the Roman world experienced a lot of transformations with time. The changes can be observed through the literature depending on when it was written. For instance, some revolutions are noticeable in Book 6 of Virgil’s Aeneid and Apuleius 's The Golden Ass.
Book 6 of Aeneid is a sort of prophecy as Virgil gives an account of Aeneas’ journey to the Underworld. The author’s imagination gives an insight into the nature of punishments for sin and that lack of adherence to the virtues of the religion results in dire consequences. The gods are portrayed as being temperamental and are willing to exert their wrath on the human race. The gods demand sacrifice and obedience from the human race which they proclaim superiority over. The underworld defines the afterlife whereby the people are rewarded depending on the kind of lives they lived on earth. The Underworld is described to have many sections, and the people are judged depending on their virtuosity. This religious belief embraces Orphism as there is the presence of Orpheus, a priest. Radhamanthus is given the task of listening to people’s sins and sentencing them. The

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