The Death Of The Flies By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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After giving birth to her new daughter, it is clear that Kevin is only becoming more violent and hateful. Eva gets her daughter a guinea pig which she adores for a whole day before Kevin gets a hold of it. In time, the mother realizes that Kevin put the pet down the garbage disposal in hopes to distinguish his innocent sister’s happiness. As a final blow, Kevin splashes a chemical in her eye while they are alone and she loses her eye due to the incident. At this point, Eva tells her husband that Kevin is causing all of the problems the family is facing, including the harm done to the daughter. To no surprise, the husband rejects this claim and projects it back on to Eva, says that as she is the mother she “could fix it if (she) wanted to,” and it is “your fault for leaving the chemicals out.” This rejection of support from her husband and lack of empathy for the troubles that Eva has endured, allows their marriage to suffer dramatically. After the incident, Eva’s husband forces her to sit down with Kevin and assure him that nothing that has happened was his fault. She has a hard time doing this because she Eva stays quiet to her husband and tries to shelter and influence her daughter to be a perfect woman and not get caught in the danger of Kevin again. Eva feels guilt for her daughter being brought into such a sour life circumstance and pours everything she has into her daughter, trying to make her life better than what she has. “Mother’s wanted their daughters

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