The Death Of The King

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They said that he was on his way. The battle ended sooner and he was coming to put down the riots. I order my people to block all the gates and corridors. They cannot give up…not when we are this far. He needs to know. He needs to know the flaws in his kingdom that the Royal Advisor has hidden from him with false reassurances. Ever since he had shown me his kingdom of Vita, the people became not just my subjects, but also my responsibility. I will never stop fighting for them, even if I have to go against him.
The first time I saw the kingdom; I was betrothed to him and set to be the future queen. I remember how people looked at me, expectantly, as if they were yearning for water. But what were they to expect of me? I was sold by my …show more content…

A woman stares back through one of the shards, her eyes verdant with an unknown spark in her eyes. Her long ebony hair now lively and free, what her people will soon be able to become. Her royal robes replaced with a cotton tunic, whose cloudy threads seem to shine brighter than her once gold threads.
“My Queen, the...the Royal advisor and his men have blown the east and west barricades of the Temple…them…” I hear a nervous young warrior stutter behind me and my blood rushes.
Where’s my king? The mention of the royal advisor made my blood boil and my once gentle hands roll up into a fist. The royal advisor is the reason why my children are starving, why my people are dying, why my Vita is full of sorrow. I remember hearing him tell me how much he loved the royal advisor, how he was his second father after his very own died of sickness. I tried to tell him, that the one most closest to his heart was holding a dagger, ready to attack to see his downfall; but what would I know? He told me not to worry myself in politics, not to believe what the people are saying. The Queen is dainty, delicate, and gentle. The Queen does not get into politics, nor does she keep anything from her king…not even a mere saying. When I saw my subjects in misery, I decided I needed to become both Queens. A Queen that is loyal to her king and a Queen that is loyal to her subjects; and in my situation…I never needed to let them intertwine, until

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