The Death Of The Plague

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Today I woke up on May 13th, 1350, I awoke up extra early to go pray for my best friend Percival to be ridden of the plague. Percival has had the plague for four days now and is in terrible condition. Since Percival was infected with the plague, I had to step up and do his share of work as well as mine. I really hope that Percival gets well soon. Right as I was leaving the church I heard my vassal calling my name and I started heading over to where he was at. When I saw my vassal, I saw my other fellow serfs being called out to go line up to be told our task for the day. After the other serfs were told their task I finally was told what my task of the day were. Angry, how I felt after being told my task for the day, I must harvest the …show more content…

I grab onto utters of the first cow and start pulling down on them as milk pours out into the bucket. After about ten minutes I finish milking the first cow and move onto the second I hear one of my fellow serfs named Rollo call out saying the vassal had left out bread for lunch. I leave the bucket behind and go grab a piece of bread and start eating it quickly, as soon as I finish the piece I bread I go to get water but because we had all been working so hard today the vassal brought us some ale to drink. One gulp, all I took of the ale and it was gone. Grinding the grains my last task of the day and I was so happy to be on my last task of the day I forgot about the other cows I had to milk. To grind the grains I had to take them to the mills, place them in the mill and use water to power it. Grinding grains is probably the easiest task anyone can do, it only took me an hour to grind them all. Since I am done for the day I go and help my other serfs do their tasks as well and by dinner time we accomplished all our jobs for the day. We all head back to our huts and eat dinner with our families. Tonight I had brown bread with cabbage and beans and it tasted delicious. The last thing of the day before I was to go to bed, I went to the church to pray for Percival. I finish up my praying for Percival and head back to my hut when I hear the vassal yelling my name in an angry fashion. My vassal had walked up to me and with his loud, angry voice he asked me why I

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