The Death Of The United States

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Kent State University, located in Ohio, faced a tragic event on May 4th, 1970. On this day members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of students ultimately killing four and severely wounding 9. (Lewis, Hensley) This massacre stunned the country. The various reactions to these students’ deaths came in a widely range throughout the country. Many citizens sparked a voice of belief against these actions and made a significant impact on the aftermath. Neil Young produced a highly acclaimed song, “Ohio”, about 10 days after the shooting. This song became an anthem for those Americans who were completely appalled by the actions involving the war in Vietnam (Songfacts). The legendary song, “Ohio” was an effective anthem to all Americans sparking a an impact to many protestors during a desperate and stressful time. During this time Nixon, an anti-communist and pro-war man, was elected into his presidency. In his presidency, Nixon had promised to demolish all aspects of the Vietnam War and send troops home. In 1769, American troops were found in a village located in Vietnam, causing controversy in America with different beliefs and opinions on the war. After all the commotion caused by past drafts and problems during the time of The Vietnam War, Nixon said he was planning on taking the troops out, ultimately ending the war and violence. Suddenly President Nixon published that the United States military forces began to move into the “Cambodian Incursion”. Many people

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