The Death Penalty

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The death penalty in my country does not exist. I think the death penalty in my country should exist as there are very dangerous criminals who are willing to do anything for money such as killing people, there are also many drug dealers who fill the streets with drugs and make it more and more easy to buy drugs because they simply never die prisoners and make it from inside the prison handle everything; I think for drug traffickers, rapists and murderers there should be death penalty in my country, so there are fewer of them on the streets because they are afraid of the death penalty. The death penalty is the worst thing that can happen to a criminal but I think that when someone does something bad to society or country he deserves the death penalty, that person in my opinion will never change always going to have that mentality of do evil or earn easy money. On the other hand I think the death penalty should exist in every country in the world because there are very bad criminals in all parts of the world. I also think that every person should have a second chance to be good and normal in society and the world person, but some people do not deserve this second chance and they should have death penalty in my country.
Currently in my country there are protests over the death penalty, people demand that the government should make the law for the death penalty most people in my country wanted the death penalty for a long time but the government does not approve.
Here in the

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