The Death Penalty Is A Punishment Of Execution Essay

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The death penalty is a punishment of execution given to someone who commits a capital crime. The death penalty cost less than a life in prison sentence and deters criminals from offenses; however, the death penalty can be seen as a form of revenge and innocent people can be wrongly accused. Studies show an equitable amount of evidence to support the theory that the death penalty is founded on systematic racism, bias toward African Americans and preys upon the impoverished in America. This makes the death penalty an inexcusable form of punishment.
The death penalty is systematically racist with studies showing African Americans having a stronger presence in our current judicial system than other minorities. The National Association of the Advancement of Colored People reports that “together African Americans and Hispanics comprised 58% all prisoners in 2008” (NAACP). Based solely on these statistics, readers cannot conclude that African Americans are living in a biased system. Additionally, The FBI Uniformed Crime Report shows that African Americans are responsible for a total of “2,491 murders” committed in 2013(Expanded Homicide Data Table 6); yet these statistics show that there is a strong possibility that sentencing, such as Capital Punishment, applies to a portion of the crimes committed by African Americans. However, there is a growing flaw in our judicial system, which makes relying on these statistics alone to justify why the death penalty is predominantly used in

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