The Death Penalty Is An Important Aspect Of American Society

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Susana Diaz Professor Norman English 5 October, 20. 2015 “Life for Life, Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth, Hand for Hand.” (Ex.21:23,24) The Bible These are the morals that are the base of our American laws, the ones that our nation was founded on. Although most people believe that the death penalty is a harsh punishment, some felonies are too grave to pardon and the only way we can respond to these actions is the death penalty. Since the United States was founded the death penalty has served as a consequence for severe crimes. Before America got its independence from the British, the American colonies started to separate themselves from one another. Slowly they adopted most of the British laws as their own, modifying them to their liking. Capital punishment had been a part of British law for centuries and the colonists used the death penalty to punish what they considered the most serious crimes. The death penalty is an important aspect of American society, it is justifiable for extremely heinous crimes and serves as a deterrent for all future killers. The first legal execution in what is now the United States was performed by the American colonists in the year 1622 in Virginia when a criminal named Daniel Frank was put to death. Ever since, the United States has struggled with the issue of capital punishment. The death penalty was first written into law when the Massachusetts Bay Colony listed 13 crimes as punishable by death,

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