The Death Penalty Is Justified

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The death penalty is what built our world today, its been used around our world for hundreds of years. The death penalties are what built our safe country by putting all the bad criminals to justice. It has always been part of our history and it always will be. According to, “Britain influenced America’s use for the death penalty more than any other country.” The first recorded execution in the United States was Captain George Kendall, and he was executed in Jamestown, Virginia for being a spy for Spain. Today more people are against the death penalty and the use of it has declined since the 1990’s (Death Penalty Information). I believe the death penalty should only be used in certain cases and situations, such as…show more content…
Today most people that are on death row have either murdered someone, multiple people, or they have done really bad things. In twenty states the only way to get the death penalty is if you have murdered someone or multiple people. In the other eleven states you can be tried for the death penalty for treason, espionage, hijacking an aircraft, or drug trafficking. In those eleven states that allow the death penalty for other than murdering someone, there are still tight restrictions on trying to give someone the death penalty for other than murder (Death Penalty ProCon). My opinion of this is that those states have a choice of what they can try for the death penalty. Should a person who has hijacked a plane, committed treason, murder or rape someone get tried in court for the death penalty?
According to Pew Research Center poll, the death penalty is favored by 56% of Americans, while only 36% of Americans are against it. In 1990, death row was at its high and now it has started falling ever since (Pew Research). I am one on those 56% of people that still favor the death penalty, those people that kill and rape innocent people and take their lives, then those murders lives should be taken too.
The death penalty should only be used for extreme and cruel crimes. Arguments have been made that the death penalty is not prevention for crime. The crime rates are the same or they are raising and becoming worse. The death
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