The Death Penalty Is Not The Satisfaction Of Justice

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Javier Arocha March 31, 2017 The Death Penalty in America “The proper end of human punishment is, not the satisfaction of justice, but the prevention of crimes." - William Paley The Death penalty is a very delicate topic. People can 't just scream their believes to prove their point. Today, the United States of America is in the minority of countries that still use the Death Penalty as a punishment for certain crimes. Even though the controversy over the Death Penalty is overlooked most of the time, the country divides into two groups; those who believe that it will reduce the crime rate and give calm to families victims, and those who believe is barbaric and Inhuman. There are three different points of view were to see the death…show more content…
Was the Hittite code, which had about two hundred laws and punishment if one of this shall be broken; Seventh century B.C. The famous Draconian code of Athens, which condemned all crimes with death and in the Fifth century B.C. The Roman law of the twelves table, which included the killing of an abnormal child or the deception in selling goods. Back then the execution methods were very painful. The firs recorded sentence by death in the United States was in 1608, in Jamestown, Virginia were Captain George Kendall was executed for treason by being a spy for Spain. In 1602, the governor of Virginia Thomas Dale established the death penalty laws for minor offenses like killing chickens or stealing grapes. The first woman recorded to be sentenced to death was Jane Champion in 1632 also in the state of Virginia but historians are not sure why was she sentenced. In the following years death penalty became a common practice among other states. Although the executions weren 't as brutal as those from previous years the deaths of the convicted were still very unethical. As the 1700 got closer the death penalty was already stablished all over the US only that the sentences were public. This was because at first the death penalty was to stop criminals. The idea was to show other citizens thinking in committing a similar crime what would happen to them if they get caught this is why the executions were public. At that time fear began to rise upon the people, the fear of
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