The Death Penalty: The Problem Of Overcrowding Prisons

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The Death Penalty has aided or the U.S. in times where large crimes have been committed and the perpetrator has been convicted for their crimes. When the prisoner is taken into prison, they take up more space in another prison where it already is overcrowded. Secondly, Tax money that is taken away from law abiding citizens is given to prisons to care for them. Thirdly, for some of the most gruesome, cold-blooded, killers the death penalty is the only reasonable punishment for him/her to face. Therefore the Death Penalty has helped many people in many ways. Yes, there are some naysayers that disagree with this argument that would like to share their opinion. Surely this can help them understand that the death penalty helps more than it hurts. The Death Penalty has helped with the problem of overcrowding prisons in the U.S. and there can be many things that can cause overcrowding within a prison facility. At Portland State…show more content…
Say someone that has been in prison their entire life and is a cold-blooded killer, obviously just putting him where he can live happily in a prisons care, no, that doesn’t work. A man that has killed another should be killed the way he has killed his prey. Like Herman Webster Mudgett, a serial killer from the late 1800’s, the man was arrested for tax fraud, originally, but during the investigation the detectives found his killing room with a table in the middle and it being covered in blood. They claim here “ There they found bones of many victims mixed together, a dissection table covered with blood, and burnt body parts. Mudgett confessed to 27 murders, writing a detailed account of those activities, but the actual number may have reached over 100” (Fieser). A man like this simply cannot exist in society. What kind of punishment could possibly be more justified than the death penalty for a man that cannot function without
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