The Death Penalty and Punishment for Crimes

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The purpose of punishment is to keep an incident from reoccurring. While punishment doesn’t keep it from happening again, it helps. Execution and the death penalty have been used in most societies since the beginning of history. Penalties back then included boiling to death, flaying, slow slicing, crucification, impalement, crushing, stoning, decapitation, etc. The death penalty was used for reasons today that would go under cruel and unusual punishment. Today in the United States, execution is used mainly for murder, espionage, and treason. In some states in the US, death by firing squad is still used. (“Criminal Justice: Capital Punishment Focus”). 35 states, the U.S military, and the U.S government today use lethal injection as the main method of execution. (“Methods of Execution”) I believe that the death penalty is not the right way to punish people who have been convicted of murder. Topics that show that capital punishment is wrong are: people see the death penalty as eye for an eye. This means that we’re going to do onto you what you did to others and to get revenge. Other topics are how the system fails and its flaws, also the cost of the death penalty.
The death penalty is wrong because in our society, looking at things "eye for an eye" will never solve anything. People who look at things "eye for an eye" are usually violent people. We want people not from the United State to know revenge will always make matters worse. Killing someone for killing someone sends

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