The Death of a Moth by Virginia Woolf Essay example

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“O yes, he seemed to say, death is stronger than I am.” This is the last sentence of Virginia Woolf’s essay, The Death of the Moth, in which Woolf describes to her readers the cycle of life and the struggles that she faced because of the psychological issues that she possessed. There are various correlations between the moth in Woolf’s essay and her own personal life. What exactly is interpreted by the actions of the moth and the events that occur is a matter of opinion. One may ponder the question, “why had Woolf chosen to write about a moth, instead of a more intriguing subject that relates to her life?” What, if any, significance does the moth have towards Woolf? While these questions may leave a reader unsatisfied or perplexed, Woolf …show more content…

The moth had been nothing but life. As the moth flew around the window pane, it crashed into the window several times, clearly displaying the fact that it could not overcome this obstacle, and was in need of assistance. Yet, the moth continued to collide with the window, several more times, as if it had expected a different outcome of the same situation. After some time, the moth appeared to settle on the ledge of the window, bathing under the sun, most likely because it had been exhausted and needed to regain some of its energy. Woolf forgot about the moth for some time, until it had resumed its foolish activity once more. Although, this time Woolf noticed that there was strangeness to its flutter, as it could only fly to the bottom of the window pane, unable to support itself. This idea could suggest that Woolf may have felt hopeless and unable to support herself in reality, as had the moth. She may have felt as though she was a burden to her husband and others, always having to need them assist her in things. Woolf continued to watch the moth make its futile attempts, not even considering its reasons of failure. After a few more attempts at the window, the moth slipped and fell off of the wooden ledge. Woolf detected that the moth was having difficulties and could no longer raise himself up, as he struggled to straighten himself back up. As she leant out a hand to help the

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