The Debate Between Pro Life And Pro Choice

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With recent developments in Northern Irish legislation for ‘on demand abortions’, the debate between pro-life and pro-choice has been thrown back into the media and the morality of abortion scrutinized under the eye of third wave feminism, which has reclaimed the 1970’s slogan of ‘The Right to Choose’. The following essay intends to discuss how abortion is always an option and never a morally wrong act, as it is the mother’s choice to do with her body what she wishes and such the fetus has no right to leech off the mother when the host is not willing. In this discussion one shall, as Thomson did in ‘A Defence of Abortion’(1971), accept the stance that a fetus is a person from conception, to avoid that issue all together. Autonomy is one of the main arguments presented by pro-choice advocated, with the most extreme form arguing that a woman has complete right over her own liberty and so should be allowed to terminate her pregnancy whenever she wishes for whatever reason she wishes. This obviously becomes an issue when the argument of trivial justification is discussed, such as in the recent case of Josie Cunningham who had an abortion to have a nose job after she found out it was not possible to go under general anesthetic while pregnant (Nagesh, 2015). This is a case where for some it becomes hard to argue that this is a morally okay action, especially if it assumed that she killed a person for aesthetic reasons. However, some may still argue that as a rational human she

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