The Debate On Banning Religious Symbols

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The debate on banning religious symbols in Quebec, and Quebec wanting to be their own country has been an issue for quite some time. The province we formally known as Quebec established a shield against themselves to advocate that they would like things to go their own way. It is said that they would like to form a place where religion is neutral (Hughes, 2013). Time after time, we get new reports on Quebec being disturbed at the sight of all the different symbols in their province; they aren’t too fond of multiculturalism. We know all of Canada to be a place where everyone can be comfortable in their own skin. Our country is a place of diversity and has not changed until a province like Quebec wants to turn away from our multiculturalism and change the Charter of Rights to please themselves, but why? The question is if religious symbols take an impact on society in a positive or negative way? Quebec might say that since multiculturalism became a part of our country that it has destroyed the tradition of what Canada used to be; which is formerly wrong. Quebec does not believe that people that work in the public sector such as: Jews, Muslims, and Sikhs and are targeted because of their religion; but still will allow those to who are Catholic/Christians to keep their own symbols (Hughes, 2013). It is stated that if daycare workers where their religious symbols like headscarves to their school then it would influence the children to want to follow their religion (Marwah,

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