The Debate On The Death Penalty

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The debate on the death penalty has been the ongoing question for generations. There are plenty of different sides to take on this issue. You have the side where some people think that putting prisoners to death is inhumane and that no matter what they did putting a human to death is wrong. While others may think that if the crime is extreme enough that the prisoner who committed this crime should pay for it with their own life. Throughout history there have been several instances where prisoners have been put to death in horrible, gruesome ways that would make some turn their heads toward some of these types of execution methods. The reason being because the method tortures the prisoner in the attempt to end the prisoners’ life. Although, some are not as gruesome as others, some kill the prisoner peacefully while not giving the prisoner little to no pain at all during the process. Thus, appealing to people who I agree with the death penalty but does not think that the prisoner should suffer through the procedure of getting put to death since they are already going to die. The point I’m making here is that there is a bazillion perspectives on the death penalty being in effect. Is it too humane? Are there any efficient pain free ways to end someone’s life? Should the method of killing the prisoner match the severity of the crime? These types of questions are what make this issue such a controversial topic. What side am I on? You are going to have to read my paper to find

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