The Debate Over College Tuition

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College tuition has been increasing over the years and recent American college graduates have been in great debt. People have been debating over what the cause is for years, but there are two particular differing causes we’ll be focusing on. The Editorial Board is a very diverse staff of writers from USA Today who’ve had experience in journalism covering serious newsworthy topics and events and received degrees in journalism. According to the article, “Making College More Expensive”, the Editorial Board states that as a whole, American college students and graduates owe about $1.2 trillion. The democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley, have plans to make college affordable and aid students with their debt by making taxpayers pay more so that the money can go into Pell grants. Barmak Nassirian thinks otherwise. Nassirian is a nationally known policy analyst at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and a federal aid expert who serves as a voice on higher education issues. In his article, “Tell States to do Their Share”, Nassirian believes that state disinvestment is the cause of college tuition increase because public colleges are becoming privatized. The Editorial Board and Nassirian use the three major appeals to persuade the audience to their reasonings for the college affordability problem. They further their purpose by trying to prove to the audience that their point is valid. It is very obvious that

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