The Debate Over Legalization Of Marijuana

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The Proposed Debate for the Legalization of Marijuana
Jonathan Acree
Online Research Methods
Middle Georgia State University
Fall 2016 Abstract The purpose of this content is to strategically examine the overwhelming plethora of information surrounding the legalization of marijuana. Many sources available have been used to identify the mental, physical, economic and social issues surrounding the facets of marijuana use on both ends of the spectrum. While the judicial system is holding to the values entrusted to them through society; they are red taped by the economic repercussions. The health benefits that are aspired through marijuana are undoubtedly alluring to those who suffer with chronic illnesses. Research shows marijuana has the potential to enhance medical innovation and patient well-being. Weighing all aspects of both sides is the only fair way to determine whether the legalization of marijuana will be beneficial to society and the judicial system.

The Proposed Debate for the Legalization of Marijuana
A leading topic of discussion that arises regularly in the criminal justice field is the debate over the legalization of Marijuana in the United States. One can’t help but wonder if potential legalization of Marijuana will improve or damage our already disconcerted society? Many leading naysayers announce that anyone who uses Marijuana will find themselves with an insatiable appetite for an even bigger high and that it is a gateway drug.…
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