Prayer In Schools Essay

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This paper will examine the topic of prayer in school. School prayer has remained a subject of national debate in the United States. This freedom has slowly but surely been taken away from students across the country. By bringing to light the laws pertaining to prayer in schools, understanding the current situation in schools, and rewriting school policy regarding prayer, this travesty can be avoided before it grows further. The dispute over school prayer has stemmed from the government 's views on the relationship between itself and the church. Even though the national government aimed to tolerate all religions shortly after the Constitution was written, many state governments did not stand by this. Many state governments displayed favoritism towards different religions in the form of support. Therefore to further ensure that religion was independent of the government, a more precise interpretation of the first amendment was made by certain groups of people. By completely making religion and the state unconnected, the new understanding became known as the separation of church and state. This is taken out of context by many people and is only an understanding of the first amendment. Secularism, is the term used to define the separation of church and state. The antagonists argue that the total separation of church and state is extreme and that the writers of the Constitution would have allowed for more religious involvement in the schools (Whitehead, Freedom 5). For

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