The Decision Of The European Court Of Human Rights

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The implication of the removal of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights with English court is contrary to a democratic society. Chris Grayling the leader of the House of Commons asserts that some human rights need to be changed. The changes may even be simple little changes to the human rights we have now which is just common sense. Further he mentions we may then be able to avoid the problems that have being experienced since the Human Right conventions became live 6 decades ago. Chris Grayling also wanted to replace it with bills of rights and to avoid the European courts. He states this, as he believes from the past years Human rights have changed and are not the same as they were when they first signed up to them 60 …show more content…

The Magna Carta is symbolic of liberty, within the Magna Carta the three men. The year of the Magna Carta was 1215. It is significant that leaders must obey the law with democracy but the government doesn’t always follow the democracy, such as when they went against the public views when England went to war with Iraq. The rule of law comprises of 4 all-inclusive standards which are the legislature and its authorities and specialists, and in addition people and private elements who are responsible under the law. The laws are obviously distributed, stable and are connected equitably to ensure basic rights including the security of persons and property. The procedure by which the laws are instituted, controlled and upheld is open reasonable and proficient, equity is conveyed opportune by capable, moral, autonomous delegates and neutrals who are of adequate number, have satisfactory assets and mirror the cosmetics of the groups ' they serve. The tenet of law is structure of guidelines and rights that make the social orders as reasonable as could reasonably be expected. The arrangement of tenet of law is that nobody even the administration are exempt from the rules that everyone else follows.

The law making process is democratic, demonstrating checks and balance of power. Parliament enact the laws, but it goes through a long process before the law is passed. There are two different types of laws. An act of Parliament and also common law.

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