The Defense Of Marriage Act ( Doma )

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In defense of marriage by John Corny, President Bill Clinton and the government were able to approve the defense of marriage act (DOMA). DOMA is defined as the union of a man and a woman which it was what mostly of the people consider to be right. The main question is if people should continue this or change? The answer is that many activists have been trying to change that definition. This changes has already begun in many states of the country , and those who supported DOMA long time ago, are not able to support marriage today. There is one thing that has never become different, it is how people think a kid is best raised by a woman and a man. However, today marriage appears to be in a general agreement that is being complicated. Those people who don 't support the long-established marriage laws won 't agree completely on something related to it and instead they are against. These people confuse others that want to support the movement and prevent them from the significance of protecting and supporting marriage. It 's becoming a problem in the whole nation and it needs a national solution. Many licensed and constitutional authorities believe that the only way to maintain the established institution of marriage is a principle constitutional added to the US constitution. In Lawrence, the tribunal clearly requested marriage as one of the constitutional rights that without the constitutional amendment have been admittedly to the same gender couples and different gender…
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