The Definition Of A Freedom Fighter

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With the presidential election looming, much has been in the news lately about terrorists groups such as ISIS, the militia uprising in Oregon, and the fighting in the Middle East. With all of the candidates spouting their opinions, it is hard to know what to believe. How is one to know if the groups fighting in these areas are terrorists or freedom fighters? To fully understand, once must first define all the terms involved in classifying groups as freedom fighters. Once these concepts are defined, one can attempt to define what the term freedom fighter means and use that definition as a basis for classifying groups as terrorists or freedom fighters. The classical definition of a freedom fighter according to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary is “a person who takes part in a resistance movement against an oppressive political or social establishment” (Freedom Fighter). Note that this definition does not state what type of resistance is involved: it does not require the resistance to by of a violent nature. Perhaps the key word in this definition is “oppression.” Typically, an oppressed people are different in some way than the majority of the people in a nation. Though, sometimes, as in India during use of the caste system, the majority were the oppressed at the mercy of the minority who held the power. Oppression occurs when the ruling people use their power to ignore and/or abuse the basic civil rights of a people. It also occurs when one group has “privilege” such that they

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