The Demand for and Supply of Accounting Theories

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It has been become an issue of great concern that the accounting profession must find a common theory in order to address and put the issue at rest. This therefore, has called for the study of this topic under review “the demand for and supply of accounting theories: the market for excuses. As a result of this several questions have been raised. For instance, the question of why accounting theories are predominantly normative has been put forward by this article? Secondly, why no single theory in accounting profession that is generally or widely accepted? It has been argued that the financial accounting theories have been found to be ineffective most especially in the area of impacting accounting practice and policy, though, this has been…show more content…
However, the writer has also created some kind of suspense with the title of the story, leaving the readers to their imagination of what is expected form the entire or whole story. This is contrary with other story which seems very difficult to comprehend. It seems not to be encouraging to the intended readers. Because the title of “the story of an hour has created a suspense, every person would like to read it in order to find out what the story is all about. The title goes with the storyline, making the reader to imagine the nature and kind of the story envisaged. The grammatical constructions and vocabulary usages: The grammatical constructions in the story are well documented in terms of the content words or functional words which include; the nouns and the verbs. The lexical density of the words in the clause and sentence can also bear more witness to this. Some of the sentences or clauses have not less than twelve content words which imply that there also twelve content words in the sentences. This is in consistent with Halliday (1985b), that a single clause should be able to contain a lexical density of twelve words. The grammatical usage seems very easy and simple for the students to understand when reading the story. This is bound to improve the student’s grammatical knowledge and usage; students improve their grammatical knowledge in this respect, hence, the need for choosing this story.

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