The Democratic Party And The Republican Party

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Politics has always been a controversial topic that has been actively separating the American society for many years. It has been fueled by the different ideologies that have been formed and passed down from past generations. The United States government has two front-running parties: The Democratic Party and the Republican Party. These parties are both criticized by one another, and the political candidates are kept under a microscope at all times. One wrong sentence has the ability to bring the wrath of societal shame. With this term’s presidential race the Republican Party and its lead candidate have accelerated at these mishaps, which has conveyed a racial bias stigma. The denotative meaning of the Republican Party is to be, relating to, or the nation of a republic. Each party has a denotative meaning, but the connotative meaning is what viewed in the eyes of the American society. Republicans are believed to be all white, rich, over privileged, business hungry, and the oppressors of other minorities. In some situations, this noted description of a Republican is factual, but to believe that the entire Republican party is born with wealth and racial hate towards minorities is stereotyping at its finest. With a large institution, such as the Republican Party, two main views of stereotypes stand out. The first being from Stuart Hall, which he states, “Stereotyping, in other words, is part of the maintenance of social and symbolic order. It sets up a symbolic frontier

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