The Democratic People's Republic Of North Korean Culture

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Culture is defined as the characteristics or complex whole of a society. Culture is what separates and gives each society its unique identity. Furthermore, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea although shares its borders with China, Russia and South Korea. It has its very own unique cultural characteristics. These Characteristics can be defined as History, Political, Social structure, Development, laws and beliefs. Viewed from a westerner's perspective The country known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is shrouded in Mystery. North Korea is considered “One of the world’s most secretive societies” according to BBC news network, a title rightfully earned. Throughout its short existence the totalitarian state has been on the…show more content…
Kim Il-sung outlined the three fundamental principles of Juche which are Independence, Self-Reliance, Self-Defense and Self-Sufficiency. This core concept is independence in politics, self-reliance in the economy, and self-defense in the military. It is built upon the ability to act independently without regard to outside interference. Juche has been a part of the overall North Korean government since its proclamation in 1948. Kim il-sung redefined Juche to fit his needs and to maintain full control of the civilian population. Furthermore paving the way to implement the Songun policy or Military first. Junche influences the population of North Korea by providing purpose, increase the willingness of its population to make sacrifices for the greater good and also ensures strict obedience. In addition loyalty to the Kim regime is number one concerning social status within the country of North korea. The population and their families can receive extreme punishment if they are considered disloyal to the regime. The government of North korea assigns its population a social classification at birth, inheriting their parents social status. The three main classification of social structure in North korea are Core, wavering and hostile. The core class is the highest and preferred social class in the Kim regime. Furthermore members of this class are deemed extremely loyal to the Kim Regime and receive many benefits from the government such as living in the country's capital of Pyongyang. While the hostile class are deemed to be disloyal and enemies of the state. The population is given regime badges which is worn on the upper left side of their clothing at all times. The regime badges display the social class of the individual citizen. Military service is mandatory for all male civilians. They are required to serve at least 10 years of active service. The songun

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