The Denial Of Religious Families

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Over the course of time, there have been many debates dealing with religion and various laws. A concern that has arisen from these debates was the denial of health care for these religious families, and how it would impacts the children. There are many various opinions on this topic ranging from a strong belief in the healing powers of God to a strong stance that the refusal of health care results in child abuse. These self healing parents believe that medicine is not need to heal themselves or children. Instead, they believe that God is all they need to be healthy. However, should the religious belief of these parents give them the right to refuse health care for their family? While these parents should be allowed to express their …show more content…

Her mother, who converted to Christian Science, had passed down the religion to her daughter, who is now a firm supporter for exemption from health care. However, an opposing view from Kristen A. Feemster, “‘Parents may be free to become martyrs themselves, but it does not follow they are free … to make martyrs of their children,’ the Supreme Court ruled in 1944.” This can be seen in Howell’s example of her mother’s miracle and her new passed on religion to her children. While it was not forced upon Howell to believe in Christian Science, her mother passed down her mindset of miracles being able to happen if she prayed for God’s help. These parents are able to believe in various aspects in religion; however, this does not mean they should strongly enforce that their children to be well versed in their parents’ beliefs when they have so little knowledge about their parent’s religious beliefs and the rest of the world’s beliefs.
While I believe these parents have the absolute right to pass down values to their children, they should also introduce different views to their children so that they would be able to make a more educated decision to what will best fit their life. However, at this moment, these parents are instilling these values of denying healthcare and not teaching their children what is health care, why others may have healthcare and why their family

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