The Denial Of Syrian Refugees

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History is deemed to repeat itself. Just like the years before World War II with Jewish refugees, America is currently resisting the call of helpless Syrian refugees (“History Repeats...Jewish Refugees” para. 1). For centuries, the United States of America has had the claim and reputation of being a haven to anyone who sought it. The country is closing its doors and ignoring the people it should be aiding the most. The vile attitude of the United States towards the relocation of Syrian refugees is an abomination to the beliefs that the country was founded upon. Denying the entrance of Syrian refugees into certain states sabotages the values America’s founders instilled in the United States. The people inhabiting this country in the next century will find it difficult to know that their ancestors let this injustice slip through. Especially due to the previous occurrence that was deemed as a wrong doing to the Jewish people. The exclusion of a certain race is archaic in current times, let alone in the views of the next generation. Due to the Syrian civil war, many people are being forced to leave their home country in hopes of a better quality of life. The constant violence, lack of adequate healthcare, and ravaged economy are all reasons why the so many Syrians are escaping the country (“What You Need…Impact on Children"). They lack the many commodities that the American general public take for granted. Large masses are leaving with no plan for where the journey will take

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