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The Dentist's Office

Dr. Rust's Office, these three words echo throughout my head and I can't breathe. I sit in this awful discomforting place. My body shakes in terror and Suddenly I hear a soft comforting voice say my name, "Genna, Dr. Rust is ready to see you now." On the outside, I am smiling and happy, but on the inside, I scream in terror. Although I had been there and experienced that extreme pain many times before, I dreaded yet another visit to the dentist.

Fifteen minutes ago I drove up to the old brick building in Delta, Colorado. Out front was an old wooden sign reading, "Rust, P L D.D.S." I got out of my comfortable homey car, and headed toward the door that said, "ENTER." I took a deep breath and opened the door. A
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They look like they won't hold the enormous pile of magazines dating back to June 2002. I pick up a magazine and feel its smooth texture glide across my warm clammy hands. I begin to read the cover and get to bottom left hand corner. In huge letters it says, "How do your teeth look?" I open the magazine and begin to read the section on how to obtain a beautiful healthy smile. Suddenly I hear a soft comforting voice say my name, "Genna, Dr. Rust is ready to see you." I sit in fear and keep saying to myself, "I want a beautiful smile, I want a beautiful smile, I want..." I am then startled by her voice again, Genna?" I look around this awful place, I see an old woman, she is waiting for her husband to be done getting a root canal, I see a mother and her fearful child, and last of all I see the Nurse in her pink and blue scrubs with little smiling dogs and huge tooth brushes plastered all over it. Behind her, is the deep dark tunnel I will soon be entering.

I gradually stand up and feel the hard shaggy floor beneath my feet, but suddenly it turns to jelly and I feel like my legs are going to come crashing down. I begin to walk and the floor hardens up again. I follow the nurse down the long dark hall. the walls in the hall are painted a pale blue color. One wall is covered with cartoon pictures of dentists and their patients. the other has landscape pictures of mountains and lakes. the nurse leads me into a room on the left hand side of the hallway and tells me to
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