The Depression Era

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The economic elements of the Depression Era of America are defined through the stock market crash of 1929 as well as the problems leading up to it. The stock market crash of 1929 was one of the many problems that sparked the official beginning the Great Depression. Contribution by the limited purchasing power of working-class Americans was given to the growing financial crisis, with economic growth now linked to consumer spending (Keene, 661). Another contributor was tariff-related in both America and foreign countries causing competition amongst them, therefore leaving overseas markets in high decline in America. Agricultural issues contributed as well with such problems as overproduction of crops due to easy plowing and harvesting, which in …show more content…

FDR had a sad concern for the people of America in misfortune and so took it under his wing to come up with something that would benefit these people; the New Deal. The New Deal consisted of many significant key laws shown on the chart in the book (Keene, 666). FDR sought advice from the Brain Trust in which wanted to revive the practice of governmental regulation in economic crisis and to protect the common good, but many people were against this seeing that, through governmental spending, there were “leaks in the unseen pipes” wasting taxpayer money (Keene, 666). FDR’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, showed her empathy towards the misfortunate as well by taking her stand and speaking out against racial inequality and poverty amongst travelling the country. The roles taken by both FDR and Eleanor in the American society during the harshest moments of the Depression define the social elements of the Depression Era, and that has been what has set aside this White House couple apart from others before and after their time. “FDR infused hope into a time of trouble and confusion” (Keene,

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