The Design and Uses of Jomon Pottery Essay

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It was amazing to experience the excitement of ceramics art at Los Angeles County Museum of Art and seeing the eyes of people who were staring at the ergonomically well designed Jomon pot that looked very difficult to design by hand. The size of the Jomon pottery was 22 inches in height and is nearly equivalent to a fish bucket and the shape of the Jomon was a wide cylinder that looked like it could store lots of amount of water and fish. The Jomon had a combination with variety types of clay that were shadow and tint colors. The following date this Jomon pot was created was during the middle age of the Jomon Culture which was (c. 3000-2000 B.C.). The artist that created this Jomon pot was named Hamada Shoji and the …show more content…

The composition of the Jomon pottery was well made with matte finished meaning it does not show any glare or any source of light reflecting through the material it was made with. The expression to this Jomon pottery shows a significant meaning of life during the middle Jomon period of time where Japanese people who had needed to make Jomon pot to store goods. The concept of this time was that the Japanese people had come up with the name “Jomon” which in Japanese it means ropes and cords technique which is known as the coil technique that we use today. The Jomon pottery does not show vague feelings but shows variety of feelings on how its made through the bottom to top of the pot. The following artist shows discrete influences in their art from the understanding of the ergonomics build from the sentimental value of their artifacts of the Jomon middle period. The form of artist shows it’s personal experiences through every small detail on the Jomon that represents the hard work of the artist.

The artist understands the fundamental value of “Jomon” the arts of rope and cords that form the person artifacts of his own small details that individual represents something that would relate to his life. The following work is now understandable through the process of hard work showing creativity in art of

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