The Destruction Of The World Essay

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Imagine clear blue waters, subtle ocean waves, and a cooling breeze flowing. Now, replace these ideas with polluted waters and garbage lying around the beaches. While unpleasant and horrifying, these images of terrifying waters is a reality. Due to trash becoming ubiquitous in nature, the oceans consumed these unhealthy items and is filled with those grotesque substances. Although this is the case, the problem correlates to what is know as humans’ habits. Commonly seen in almost every place, individuals create a mess by throwing a piece of garbage on the ground rather than in a trash bin. This event in turn is causing great damages to the marine life and even to humans themselves. As a recent issue from the 1900s era, the massive trash is starting from the local beaches. Ranging from the beaches of Tasmania to the panoply bays of California, the marine debris is only continually spreading further to a myraid of coastslines. Evidently, the litter in the oceans connects back to those in the previous generations’ actions. By setting an improper behavior, the younger generations became influenced by this attitude. This behavior in turn is only causing a major problem to not only the sea, but also an increase in additional damages. As a result, the habits caused by individuals brought forward a massive catastrophe leading towards an environmental, economical, and cultural apocalyptic nature plaguing the oceans. One critical issue that is currently affected is the environment.
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