The Deterioration Of The Ramsay's Summer Home

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In part two none of the major characters of part one are present. Part two consists of Woolf’s description of the deterioration of the Ramsay’s summer home. Woolf juxtaposes the deterioration of the house with the deterioration of Europe’s state via the First World War. The most important detail to detect in this part is the offhanded way Woolf merely mentions the deaths of Prue, Andrew, and Mrs. Ramsay through a series of parenthesis. While describing a terrible storm at the beginning for part 2, Woolf casually mentions that, “[Mr. Ramsay, stumbling along a passage one dark morning, stretched his arms out, but Mrs. Ramsay have died rather suddenly the night before, his arms though stretched out, remained empty] (Woolf 128).” The way Woolf summarizes their deaths in a completely detached manner adds to the novel’s nature that characters that feel unconnected to each other and that their lives lack meaning. As stated previously, as Europe begins to fall apart, the Ramsay family falls apart as well. This series of devastating events leads to a change in the way the characters go about finding connection and meaning through readings and also affects how accurately they read. In order to deal with the losses of the three Ramsay 's and the remaining Ramsay’s along with Lily Briscoe need to go back to the summer home to deal with their emotional pain. Hopefully by going back to the summer house through connection the characters will be able to relieve the loneliness they have…
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