The Deterioration Of The Ramsay's Summer Home

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In part two none of the major characters of part one are present. Part two consists of Woolf’s description of the deterioration of the Ramsay’s summer home. Woolf juxtaposes the deterioration of the house with the deterioration of Europe’s state via the First World War. The most important detail to detect in this part is the offhanded way Woolf merely mentions the deaths of Prue, Andrew, and Mrs. Ramsay through a series of parenthesis. While describing a terrible storm at the beginning for part 2, Woolf casually mentions that, “[Mr. Ramsay, stumbling along a passage one dark morning, stretched his arms out, but Mrs. Ramsay have died rather suddenly the night before, his arms though stretched out, remained empty] (Woolf 128).” The way Woolf…show more content…
Woolf shows that Mr. Ramsay has rearranged his life priorities by showing how he reads Lily and what he seeks from her. When Mr. Ramsay and Lily reunite at the summer house in part three, Mr. Ramsay seeks one thing solely from Lily. As Mr. Ramsay sees Lily outside, readying her materials to paint, “an enormous need urge(s) him, without being conscious what it (is), to approach any women, to force them, he did not care how, his need was so great, to give him what he wanted: sympathy (Woolf 151)”. This need for sympathy is Mr. Ramsay’s way of connecting to others. He wants to feel the emotional comfort of someone feeling sad for him just like Mrs. Ramsay does before her death. This want is so strong that he does not have trouble with encouraging sympathy within others. This shows how much Mr. Ramsay has changed. Although Mr. Ramsay still asks for what he wants through indirect mean and still craves sympathy from those around him, that sympathy is not about his scholastic work anymore but about his losses. Mr. Ramsay no longer wants invalidation for his work; he wants connection. The loss of his wife and children rendered Mr. Ramsay incapable of ignoring his pre-existing feelings of loneliness and insecurity. Although insecurity has always been a part of Mr. Ramsay, the source of his insecurities have switched. The deaths of Mrs. Ramsay and their children reset Mr. Ramsay 's priorities. Instead of seeking approval as a philosopher he now seeks
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